Nayo Partners, founded in 2009, provides management support and consulting to a wide range of clients. Clients (past and present) include Qeyno Labs, World Trust, Sheila Y. Thomas, AKILA WORKSONGS, Inc., Game Changers Project and Ahmed Hassan, to name a few.

Kelley Nayo, Owner

Kelley Nayo

Kelley Nayo is owner of Nayo Partners, Business Management for Creatives and Visionaries.

Following a 14 year upward trajectory in the commercial insurance industry that took her to Philadelphia, Baltimore and San Francisco, Kelley owned and operated a diverse array of businesses (retail sales, personal services and residential real estate). This background developed her capacity to be an effective, organized and focused manager, offering her clients a mix of corporate and entrepreneurial experience.

“Most artistic and creative individuals are phenomenally gifted in their field of expertise, yet many lack the business skills to create success for themselves. This is where I come in. My capacity to listen to these people dream out loud and then provide guidance along the path to their dreams is my gift. While I can focus on their business, they focus on using their creative energy more fully. My clients express concerns about how to get from here to there, even in the midst of their apparent success. I come in and provide a game plan to get them where they want to be.”

Kelley holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Spelman College in Atlanta, GA and a Master's degree in finance from St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia, PA.

Kelley lives in Oakland, California with her family.


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